She drew a line and put her body beyond it,

Before wrapping it around the us you two became because

She never wanted there to be anything between.

But like a sweet kernel

It stuck

In her bitter throat 

That there already was.

The short-lived bubble popped.

She sees the deep shadow cast

That she doesn't know how to step out of. 

A molten lava of hurt rolls itself up her insides, 

Hollowing her out and burning from within.

It swells and it pours

And her weak heart shrivels.

In a future tomorrow,

Maybe then when you meet her,

She will be stronger.

But to her future Prince

There will be a wall and

It will not be his fault.

There will be a mountain

That if he is ever destined to climb,

Would never have been

Her intention for him to find.

She is hurting and healing.

Learning to peel away the hurt

Like a second snake-skin

But she hisses and spits

Cause there's nothing she'd love more

Than to stay wrapped up in this epidermis

She found around her.

This easy-loving,

Music humming him 

She found around her.

So shedding skin,

Shedding tears,

Shedding him -

Future Prince please remember

To love her for what is within. 

Do not tell her of your attraction, 

Cause some magnets are easily pulled apart.

Do not tell her, her voice gives goosebumps or chills, 

It may be likely you just need your coat back. 

Do not tell her that she has beautiful brown skin

Or that you love her natural hair.


She understands that it is a revolutionary act,

To love what they tell you to hate because it is black...

But she'd rather be your happiness -

Than just another empty and hurting

Political act. 

To her future Prince,

She realizes now that beating hearts do not break,

Rather they swell like lava and burn when they pour.

She is hurting and healing

So when you meet her

Do not break hers.

Trust her if she tells you,

That it has already happened 


(Artist of featured image: Brionya James)